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Frédéric & Magali


Frédéric and Magali, known as the co-founders of Cavalia and now EQI cheval libre, have performed in front of more than two million spectators. They are exeptionnal equestrian artists and visionnaries .


Tho they will always claim their horses to be the starts of the shows. Their horses are their inspiration and also their teachers, they learn everyday from being with them.


Love and respect is at the core of their relationship and philosophy. Therefore, when you see them on stage, you can only be touched by such authentic heart connection and créativity. 


Welcome to Frédéric & Magali  "Spectacles ",

where Heart meets Art.

Shows & Events


Wether you are intersted in coming to one of Frédéric and Magali unique shows, or to one of their riding/liberty clinics around the world, or  simply willing to explore more about their philosophy with horses, please check oiur current shows and events on the link bellow.

 Please note that all shows and events are open to eveyone, horse lovers, riders, adults, children,  all welcome.

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“When I am with horses, I have no ambition... I have a dream...” 

- Frédéric Pignon -

The Horses


The magnificient horses Magali and Frédéric have the pleasure to work with are mainly coming from the family stud.

Indeed the beautiful Lusitano and Iberian breed is a passion of Magali's parents long before she was born. Pierro and Joêl, Magali's parents came to be gifted with a very good eye, and through years of observation, and fine choices, they gave birth to outstanding horses. Some had so much presence and personnality that their charisma lives long after they are gone. Raised with love and patience,  these gifted horses could only blossom.


The night sky certainly transcend into daylight when these starts gallop to the stage.


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